Genie/Djinn Guide

All you need to know about Genie/Djinn.




Bright blessings my friend, I see you would like to know something about my genies?




When you own a genie, they are homed into a special crystal that you can carry with you or sleep with under your pillow or just keep safely in a box. Now, the genie may seem invisible for quite some time, it can take months and mine took nearly 7 years but after only a month or two, they will appear to you in your dreams.




They are always with you even if you cannot see them. They will contact you through telepathy and you must talk to them all the time like you would to a good friend, this can be silently or out loud. You must imagine what their answers will be when you ask a question and you must trust in what you first think of for their answer as this will be there way of talking to you, they will put the answer into your mind.




You must trust in these thoughts and the first answer that comes into your head. When you learn to trust in these thoughts and know that they are not your own thoughts, then they will become stronger and closer to you.




You may then ask them to appear in your dreams, at this point you must keep a pen and paper by the bed to write down anything that you remember from your dreams because as we all know, we remember very little of our dreams.




After some time, and after getting to know your genie well, you can start to ask for wishes to be granted, you must have faith in these wishes at all times and never ever doubt that they will come true. You will start to realise that these wishes are coming to you and becoming a reality. This is then when the magic happens. The wishes will start to flow to you as easily as breathing does.




Your Genie will be very conscious that appearing to you in human form may scare you and for this reason might only appear to you as smoke or a shadow or in your dreams or thoughts.




When they do show themselves to you, they can take on any shape or form that you desire, so they can look like an old friend or a film star or as themselves, it is your choice.




Djinn are probably the most exciting, diverse and misunderstood of all astral creatures. This is most likely due to the fact that they’ve received relatively little public attention, other than what has been depicted in science fiction, fantasy or cartoon contexts.




But over the past few years those who have an appreciation for the metaphysical world have begun to recognize the magnitude of possibilities that Djinn bring to both the magickal practitioner, and the layperson looking to improve his or her life. Djinn energy can lend power to virtually every conceivable area of our physical and non-physical realms. Only the Gods and Goddesses themselves rival their power.




So what are Djinn?


This sounds like a simple question, but even their definition is met with a wide range of answers, depending on whom you ask. Most can agree that Djinn are astral energies made of subtle or smokeless fire long before man walked the earth. This is, after all, how they are described in the Qur’an (25:27). But beyond this basic fact lies an endless sea of confusing and conflicting information.




Djinn were created with free will, just like humans. Therefore, some will choose to be good and others will choose to be bad. However, ALL will be accountable to the great creator one day for their actions.






The word jinn translates as anything that is concealed or invisible. The Djinn are a race that have no defined physical form of their own, so they are therefore invisible to the naked eye. However, they are shape shifters who can take on the physical form of just about anything they want. Many say that they walk among us every day.




You will often see smoke when your Djinn appears, not because the smoke IS the Djinn, but because it accompanies him/her. It is simply a sign that your Djinn is nearby and ready to communicate, and signifies the presence of energy.




Djinn can also appear with orbs, streaks of light, mists or other kinds of phenomenon. It can be a big, awe-inspiring appearance, or a subtle almost-not-noticed kind of appearance. With Djinn, like people, no two are exactly alike and there are countless ways they may manifest.




Some Djinn will never manifest in any kind of physical form, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there and watching you. These Djinn will generally communicate with you only during dreams or meditation. They aren’t any more or less powerful than other Djinn, they just choose to present themselves differently.




General Characteristics


It’s important not to impose your own feelings and emotions on the Djinn. Sometimes we want to think of them like warm and fuzzy pets. If you want a warm and fuzzy astral creature then you’re better off acquiring a faerie, mermaid or unicorn. Djinn mean business. Their destiny is to serve humans without emotional attachment. This doesn’t mean that they’re not loyal. It just means that they don’t generally make decisions based on their feelings.




Djinn were created before man, which dates them back before the time of Adam and Eve who lived 6,000 years ago. These original Djinn are Preadamites, meaning they existed before Adam.




Djinn become more powerful as they age, and can live for thousands of years. An Elder is one who has reached the highest levels of energy and is somewhat harder to find. Younger Djinn are much more common, and are perfectly appropriate for the average person.




Most Djinn have permanent residence on the astral plane in the mountains of Kaf (Qaf). This is a large emerald-like realm surrounding the physical world.




It is generally agreed that Djinn eat, drink, marry and procreate, but this is not done in the same manner as humans, and very little is known on this subject.




Djinn can have sexual relations with humans, although this has never resulted in a documented pregnancy. In fact, most female Djinn are quite seductive and will not be shy about coming to men while they sleep.




Levels and Types of Djinn


Djinn, Jinn and Genie are all interchangeable words for the same thing. Djinni or Jinni is the singular tense.




We’ve listed the standard classifications of Djinn below, and they appear by highest level of power first. There are some Djinn who don’t fall under these categories because they were created by the immortals. Although smaller in numbers, there is quite a wide range of these so we won’t attempt to list them in this guide.




Please keep in mind that there are countless tribes who have been identified as members of the various classifications, and many more are still being discovered today.




The majority of Djinn will be classified in one of the following areas:




Marid - They are associated with the element of water. They are the most powerful, but some can be dangerous. They can offer you the highest level of energy but be sure to only purchase from a reputable seller to ensure you are getting a safe entity.




Ifrit - These are associated with the element of fire. These are generally malicious, rebellious, evil Djinn. They are considered to be very difficult to work with because they will try to sabotage the human whenever they can. This is recommended for the experienced practitioner only.




Shaitan - These are described as malicious and evil, as well as full of deception (Qur’an 6:112, 35:6, 43:62, 43:62). Many believe that Satan was Shaitan. We don’t advise working with this type of Djinn.




Ghul - Ghuls are associated with dark magick and extreme caution should be used in working with them. They only appear after the sun sets and they disappear before the sun rises.




Jann - They are considered to be among the weakest of the Djinn, but still powerful. They are among the first Djinn created. For many people, this will work just fine.






If you have a Djinn enchanted piece of jewellery, it is best to keep it close to your skin during the initial bonding process. This greatly enhances the energy-to-energy connection. It is not necessary to keep the Djinn vessel hidden or away from prying eyes. No one will know that it is anything more than a nice piece of jewellery, unless you tell them.




Probably the best method for enhancing your connection to any energy is through meditation. This really doesn’t have to be anything complicated.




First, find a quiet room that is free of all distractions. Quiet instrumental music is fine if it helps you to relax. Sit cross-legged on the floor if it’s comfortable for you, or otherwise sit comfortably in a chair. Make sure to keep your back straight and your eyes closed, but facing straight ahead.




Take several slow, deep breaths and concentrate your attention on the area of your third eye. This is the area between your eyes and a few centimetres higher. Focus both eyes on it until you feel a VERY SLIGHT strain. It shouldn’t hurt. You’ll know that you’re in the right spot when both eyes seem to lock into position.




Now count back from 100. By the time you reach one you will feel a strange sensation in the area of your third eye. You should see vivid pictures and words, almost like your mind is playing a video.




Hold this for about 10 or 15 minutes and just allow the images to naturally appear. This is your opportunity to begin communicating with your Djinn. Feel free to ask questions and then listen politely for a response. Be sure to thank them when you’re done.




This method is not only effective for connecting with specific astral entities, but it will also help you to greatly strengthen your third eye for many psychic pursuits.




When you’re ready to re-enter the physical realm, open your eyes and take several more deep breaths as you slowly allow yourself to come back. That’s all there is to it! Practice this every day and you’ll soon be able to use this vision without the meditative state.




Remember that Djinn MUST obey their masters. It is how it is written to be. However, the difficult part of the whole process is in making that initial connection. Once that’s accomplished, you’re well on your way to becoming a strong master.




When can I see results?


Like accessing any form of magick, working with the Djinn does usually take time. You’ll receive the best results by launching a joint effort - the energy of your Djinn with your efforts in reaching your goals. For instance, if you want a great paying job, you’ll be much more successful if you both work with your Djinn AND go out and actively submit applications and resumes, as well as go on interviews. If you sit at home and wait for the job to come to you, most likely you’ll be sorely disappointed.




Djinn MUST obey their masters. This is a universal given. However, sometimes it will seem as though your wish isn’t being answered. This doesn’t mean that your Djinn are disobeying you. It just means that because of their ability to know the past and future, they have a much more objective and broader perspective than you can possibly have. They still MUST fulfil your wish, but it may not be in the way that you intended. This is usually not to be mean (although there are some Djinn who find this to be a fun game), but rather a variation of your wish so that it is more aligned with your best interests.




Djinn Vessel


You can spell or bless a Djinn vessel without harm to the Djinn - you’re spelling the vessel, not the Djinn.




It’s OK to get a vessel wet but we don’t advise using harsh chemicals to clean it, only because it could potentially interrupt the flow of energy.




Djinn can be bound to ANY vessel made of ANY material. This is because Djinn are bound to the energy of the vessel, and not the vessel itself. Everything is comprised of energy, therefore ANYTHING is capable of a binding.




Compatibility - Having More Than One Djinn


Many people try to humanize these entities by picturing their spirits fighting and arguing like children. Although this is an interesting analogy, it simply isn’t the nature of how they work. Spirits aren’t like people, all of my genies are compatible with any other that you may already have or wish to have in the future.




Accidentally Releasing Your Djinn


Once bound, you cannot accidentally release your Djinn! There’s a misconception that there is a pre-set question that if asked, will release your Djinn. This is simply not true!




Others say that iron can release your Djinn. This is also not true. This perhaps originated from the days of Solomon who was able to bring the Djinn under control by using his copper and iron ring. But his control didn’t really have anything to do with the iron in the ring. It was the magick of the ring that allowed this to work.




There is nothing that you can do that will release your Djinn. This can only be done by a trained professional.


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