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Few spell casters are qualified to cast an Extreme spell as preparation time for each spell is time consuming, and the spell casting itself is very intense and often emotionally draining. However, the extra time and effort is worth it due to the spectacular results that often occur.

Although the cost of an Extreme spell can be prohibitive, only here at PaganShop1.Com these extremely powerful spells will be cast
on your behalf at a minimal fee.

Extreme spells are just what they imply: Spells intended to help those who feel they are on the edge and have nowhere else to turn. They are cast specifically for those who have tried everything else to no avail.

Please be aware that all the spells in this category are indeed
extremely powerful spells, all my spells are very powerful but on this
EXTREME SPELLS category, I give them an extra OOMPH!


The fertility spell is for use with couples that want to become pregnant.

It is important to keep in mind that this spell should only be used if both parties wish to become pregnant, as it contains very powerful magic that will virtually guarantee a pregnancy.

Only use this spell on parties that are wishing to become pregnant as well (this spell should not be used as a curse on someone that you desire to become pregnant unless they are willing to become pregnant.

The fertility spell is proven to help women conceive so that couples can have a baby.

If you have tried everything to get pregnant, but nothing seems to be working, then order this extremely powerful fertility spell today.

After this spell helps you conceive, the spell and its magic powers will protect the family long after the baby arrives. Major benefits of this spell include:

* Increased fertility for men and women
* Increased sperm count
* Fertile ovulation
* Emotional stability
* Hormone regulation 
* Protection for life

No matter where you are in the world, my magic will work for you.

This is 100% private, protecting your identity

In order for me to cast this Extremely Powerful Spell
I will need the following from you:

1: Your name and last name of birth,
2: Your date of Birth,
3: Your city of birth,

4: Your partner's name and last name of birth
5: Your partner's date of birth
6: Your partner's city of birth
7: The name of the city where the you live.


Your spell will be carefully prepared, then starting early evening I will cast your spell for the first time for a few hours, repeating the spell for the next 7 days for extreme power. This is a very draining and demanding spell for even the most gifted spell caster.


I will email you and let you know when I will cast your spell in your behalf, so please send your details as soon as you can.......You may do so upon checkout on the Special Instructions or Order Comments box which is at the bottom of your Payment Information page OR in your paypal comments box is fine, along with your payment.


If you have any question please click the 'Ask Us About This Item' button below.
Thank you and blessed be!

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